Visiting Edinburgh During The Fringe Festival

Even though I live in London, I didn’t visit our good ol’ neighbour until 2017. My sister was applying to go to Durham university and we thought that we might as well turn this into a road trip and add Edinburgh to our itinerary. 

Little did we know that we were going right smack in the middle of Edinburgh Fringe Festival! It was really great though as we got to explore the city AND the festival at the same time. We actually didn’t do much research on the festival which left us for plenty of room for spontaneity. There were some paid performances/shows but there were also so many shows you could attend for free! 

I fell in love with this city as its filled with history, amazing architecture and culture!

Here are my suggestions for what to do/see in the city: 

  • Edinburgh Castle 

You cant really visit Edinburgh without visiting Edinburgh Castle! The castle sits proudly at the top of Royal Mile and is the one thats visible from many parts of the city (there are two castles in Edinburgh). 

The ancient fortress looked pretty cool but we found the entrance fee (currently £16.50) rather steep so didn’t actually go inside. The castle hasn’t been occupied for centuries so there are mostly just crown jewels and some military exhibits inside. 

  • Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is arguably the most famous attraction in the city. Here you’ll find everything from pubs, bars to tartan shops and cafes. Its pedestrian only and usually filled with street performers.

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival

We didn’t go to any shows but enjoyed plenty of street performers on the Royal Mile: 

  • Appreciate the street art

Whilst wondering around Edinburgh, we were admiring plenty of the street art found in the side of buildings and on walls. 

  • Grassmarket

The Grassmarket is located on the opposite side of Princes Street Gardens – just below the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle. The historic market place is now filled with pubs and great architecture! This leads to Victoria Street and Candlemaker Row. Victoria Street is a colourful and historical split-level cobbled road and is thought to have been the inspiration for the fictional Diagonal Alley, along with the adjacent Candlemaker Row. There is also a joke shop on Victoria Street, similar to something Fred and George Weasley.

  • Climb to Arthur’s Seat! 

If the weather is good – I would definitely recommend hiking to Arthur’s Seat for the best views of Edinburgh. It is not a particularly hard climb, particularly if you venture towards Holyrood House and then follow the longer route in order to take in the incredible views on the way. However, there is a shorter route if you are short on time. You will be joined by plenty of people enjoying the fresh air and being buffeted around by the winds. 

Have you been to Edinburgh and experienced its Fringe Festival? Scroll down to leave a comment! 

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